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The Free DIY Credit Kit Online to Make Your Credit Better and Problem Free!

Free DIY Credit Repair Kit from Bad Credit Lifeline

DIY Credit Repair Kit: Our Free DIY Credit Kit for Making Your Credit Better and Problem Free!

Credit Is so important in today’s world! That is why Bad Credit Lifeline is here to help make your credit as great as possible!

Here are our Most Important Pages to Visit to make your credit better and become problems free from credit!

Complete Guide to Fix Your Credit Fast and for Free Now! –  This is what you want to go to first to see how to fix your credit fast and for free.  It includes everything you will need to fix your credit by removing all bad credit marks and problems off of your credit.  So this is what we recommend you go to visit to do this right now!

Credit Score Myths –  These are the credit myths that you have heard that are not true.  Learn what is true and what is not with your credit on our Credit Score Myths

Life Things that Effect Your Credit – These are the things in everyday life that can affect your credit.  Learn what they are so you know!

What is Credit?

Credit is a term that is used to portray your ability to borrow money, that you promise you will pay back over time. Credit is used through the world for many financial activities. Unfortunately, there are many people also have problems with credit. If you’re one of the many Americans battling bad credit or an overwhelming pile of bills, we have the advice & tools to help you fix and manage your credit! Below is the detailed information about credit!

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Some interesting Credit Facts

Average Credit Card Interest Rate = 14%


Average FICO Credit Score = 680


Total U.S. Consumer Debt = $11.4 trillion

80% Complete (danger)

What is a Credit Score?

Your credit score is a number given to each person by their social security number, and is used to signify how how trust worthy you are to lenders to borrow money. Almost all transaction have a financial risk, and the credit score is the number that signifies to lenders how big of a risk lending the money will be. A higher score tells them that the person is more then likely going to repay the money back.


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At Bad Credit Lifeline, we can help increase your credit score, and keep it at high levels!

Your Credit Score and How You Can Fix It

You Can Now Get Approved With Good Credit!

fixing your creditYour credit score is based on a number from around 300 with a maximum of 850. If you have a credit score lower then 650 you should work hard to try and increase it, as credit is so important in today’s world. At Bad Credit Lifeline, learn how to fix your credit if you have a very low credit score. Also learn about additional things that can effect your credit score that you typically wouldn’t think would. Finally be told all about all the credit myths that people think are true.

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