Best Fintech to Help You Save Thousands and to Take Control of Your Financial Life!

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Use These Tools to Help you Save Thousands of Dollars a Year & to Help Make Your Life Easier!

Did you know your smartphone or computer can help you save money? It can even help you take control of your credit and can help you earn money while you sleep or while you shop! Just utilizing a few great apps can help you take control of your finances like you never thought was possible.

One thing that may be common to almost every human being is that we all want our money to work for us, even if we are not a high earner, to begin with. The good news is that with careful planning, this does not have to be just a pipe dream! Here are some of the most important tools to help your journey towards financial freedom.  We also have some amazing special bonus’s to offer if you go and sign-up through!  So if you do want to save thousands and make your life much easier and better, and also get some free money at the same time, we recommend you check out these special offers from on the best Fintech out in today’s market!

Best Fintech/Apps for Taking Control of Your Finances

Best for Budgeting & Money Management: Personal Capital

use the top fintech personal capital for help budgeting your finances

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck or not knowing where your money went? Personal Capital is a financial dashboard that tracks all of your financial activity from your bank accounts to your investments and loans, giving you a 360-degree view of your financial life.   Budget and Planning your finances is the first step to taking control of your finances, and it is something we highly recommend you do if you want to become financially successful.


  • You can track your regular savings as well as your investments in one app
  • You can track your spending patterns by category or individual transactions
  • Provides alerts for bill due dates
  • Helps you set up strategies to reach your financial goals
  • Helps you optimize your investment strategy


  • The budgeting tools are somewhat limited compared to alternatives
  • Personal Capital’s investment component requires a $100,000 investment

Best for Taking Control of Your Credit: Credit Karma

best fintech credit karma for getting your free credit score

Credit Karma makes it easy to know your credit score or see your credit report at any time and all for free. Credit Karma offers access to your TransUnion and Equifax report and credit score weekly. Credit Karma makes it easy to know where your credit score stands at any time, allowing you to make necessary changes to your financial habits or catch fraudulent issues early.


  • Credit Karma is completely free
  • Receive alerts when your credit score changes
  • Receive a visual graph that helps you see the breakdown of your credit score
  • You can see your credit score as often as you like


  • You only receive TransUnion and Equifax scores, not all three credit scores
  • You’ll have to put up with a lot of advertising (that’s how Credit Karma is free for you)

Best Fintech/Apps for Saving, Investing, and Making Money

Best for Investing: Acorns – With a Special Bonus, Get a Free $10 When You Sign-up!

arcons the top fintech for investing

If you don’t have a large amount to invest but want to start somewhere, Acorns makes it happen by rounding up your purchases to the nearest dollar. Acorns automatically deposits the ‘spare change’ into your brokerage account. Once you hit $5, Acorns invests the money according to your pre-set choices.  Once you have your in order, you are going to want to start to invest as much money as possible.  You want to have your money making money for you.  Diversifying your investments is the best way to go about having a strong investment portfolio, and this app makes it very simple to do that.  If you want to take it a step further as well, you will want to be investing your money, and also creating additional revenue streams like passive income.  Doing this will provide you many streams of revenue, which is the secret to becoming a high net-work individual!


  • You don’t have to worry about saving large sums of money, you can invest every time you make a purchase
  • You can set up an Acorns Later account which is an IRA that saves for retirement
  • Your investments are automatically diversified
  • You choose the level of aggressiveness of your portfolio based on your risk tolerance
  • The investments are automatic


  • The fees are high considering the small amount you invest ($1, $2, $3 monthly plans)
  • Spare change can take a long time to add up to anything significant

Best for Alt Investments & Savings:  BlockFi – With a Special Bonus, Get $25 Free of BTC!

BlockFi Best Fintech for Alt Investment

BlockFi is the best place to go for alternative investment and savings with cryptocurrency and their earn interest accounts.  With BlockFi you can get up to 8.6% APY on your crypto!  This is an incredible number for any compounding interest account period.  It is even better because of the additional upside crypto has, especially Bitcoin.  So if you want to save and invest in alternative investments, BlockFi is our recommended choice!


  • Free to Join
  • Up to 8.6% APY compounding interest on crypto
  • Our top-rated alternative investment with huge upsides in crypto
  • Extra bonus for signing Up through Bad Credit Lifeline
  • You can earn referral bonuses too
  • US residents are welcome


  • Can take up to 7 days to do identity confirmation which is needed for withdrawals

Best for Fixing Credit while Also Saving: Self Lender

self lender top fintech for building credit and saving money

Yes this app is incredible and what they do is say that you are making a payment, but in fact, they are saving your money.  They will then report that you are making payments on time to them which in turn will help to build your credit.  They after the set amount of time you said you were going to make payments to them, at the end of that time period you will then get all that money back to use.  That is how it is able to help you save money while helping to increase and build your credit.  This is something we highly recommend you do if you have bad credit or no credit and want to build your credit up!


  • Helps to significantly increase credit scores
  • Helps you save money
  • One of the best ways to get credit if you have no credit


  • Can’t use money until after your set term is over
  • No interest earned on the savings

Best for Shopping and Earning Money Back: Top Cash Back

TopCashBack top fintech for getting money back

It sounds backward to get paid when you shop, but that’s what Top Cash Back offers.  If you shop through their dashboard at one of the 4,400 partner stores, you earn cash back for each of your purchases. As soon as the money clears from the retailer, it becomes available in your Top Cash Back account, allowing you to get cashback from your purchases.


  • Top Cash Back is free to join
  • Top Cash Back has partners from almost every category you could imagine
  • Top Cash Back also offers coupon codes to help you save money on top of your cash back
  • You may have the chance to earn bonuses for certain purchases
  • You can earn referral bonuses


  • Payouts can take as long as 14 days to receive
  • Some retailers are slow to clear your commissions for purchases

Best for Making Money While Gaming:  Top Games to Play to Make Money

make real money playing games with this fintech

Yes, you can make money while playing games.  Do I need to say more?  Just click on the link to find the top games you can play to make money!


  • Making Money Playing Video Games
  • Having Fun and Making Money at Same Time
  • Many Different Games to Play


  • Cant Make Huge Amounts of Money This Way

Use today’s technology to make the most of your finances. Whether you need help tracking your spending/savings, monitoring your credit score, or you want to automate your investments, there’s a program out there for you to help you stay on track.


Bad Credit LifelineBest Fintech to Help You Save Thousands and to Take Control of Your Financial Life!
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